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At first glance the website might seem like a hodge-podge of random items, but I promise there is both rhyme and reason for everything that is included.  It acts not only as a business website but also as a place for me to communicate with like-minded people (creatives and teachers looking for information, learning experiences, and ideas).

For those of you with creative minds, you probably understand the seemingly randomness of thought and direction that are at work here but there is also an ultimate goal and focus that presents my experiences through the trials of reaching my dreams and growing my business.

Literally, there is something for everyone.  I hope that you will actively join me on the adventure we call life.


For visitors looking for opinions and ramblings on a variety of subjects my blog is the place you should go.

On the introductory page you will find the titles and short intros to all my posted messages.  However, depending on your reason for visiting it may be best to use the left menu to focus your blog review.

Creatives will enjoy my Yearly Progress postings where I continue to keep the teachings of the Artist's Way (Julia Cameron) as a focal point to living life.  For writers, I have a special area of short stories in the Writing portion.

Teachers can director their readings to the Forensics section, where I have posted a few sample lesson plans.  Also to come this year is a review of a few mainstream products that teachers could use in their classrooms to enhance learning.

As I said, there is something for everyone, others may enjoy reading my NEW Opinionated Ramblings (new thoughts and noticings added randomly) and Health and Wellness (new ideas to help conquer your goals added Wednesdays) sections.  Product Review section (updates appear Friday mornings when I find products to compare), Puppy Parenting, or other sections. 

The Personal Wanderings category is one I use to express my deeper thoughts.  For anyone struggling through life's many ups and downs you can follow my own journey for 2014 (with other passages from prior years).  For anyone wanting to know me and my inner brain this is definitely a place to start (no promises that it will give away everything).  I write in this area when something sparks my brain.

I consider life a journey and as I live it, I will share my experiences in fits and starts.  It is a wonderful experience through highs and lows that I hope others will appreciate.

My Artwork

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